20 November, 2022

Children's Day Celebration - Sangamitta Girls Home

The Sangamitta Girls Home, situated in Pamankada, Sri Lanka, is a refuge for underprivileged girls. It operates under the auspices of Sri Sucharithadhra Upasika Smithiya Ltd, a well-established social service organization in Sri Lanka with a rich history of over 100 years. Registered with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Child Care and Probation in Sri Lanka, the home holds the status of an approved charity organization.

Established in 1995, the girls' home was founded under the guidance of the esteemed philanthropist and social worker, Dr. W.E.A Fonseka. The vision of the founders and the society is to provide nurturing and education to destitute children, reintegrating them into society. To date, the organization has sheltered and supported 240 children who have grown into responsible citizens of Sri Lanka. Notably, one of the beneficiaries has enrolled in the University of Colombo and currently holds a position of great responsibility within Sri Lankan society. Another success story is of a former resident who now serves as the Chief Nursing Officer in a renowned private hospital in Colombo. Presently, there are 35 destitute girls receiving shelter at the home, with ages ranging from six to eighteen.

Their mission revolves around providing a secure and nurturing environment for destitute children and young adults, with a specific focus on orphans and abandoned children from remote areas of Sri Lanka. By empowering these individuals with skills and resources, They aim to guide them towards a brighter future. Each child entrusted to our care is invaluable, and thier commitment to community engagement allows us to have a broader impact on the lives of these children who have experienced circumstances beyond their control.

The girls in thier care are attentively supervised by two matrons who also provide training in household chores. Alongside their studies, the girls actively participate in a range of extracurricular activities during their leisure time, such as sewing, painting, gardening, singing, music, and dancing. They reside in the home until they reach the age of 18, equipped with the necessary skills to lead independent lives as young adults.

As an initiative from Colombo Taprobane Round Table 03 we organised the Children's Day Celebration that took place at the Sri Sangamitta Girls Child Development Centre in collaboration with the esteemed partnership of Lassana Group with a donation of LKR 150,000.

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