29 January, 2022

Webinar-"Suicide: Asking the Real Questions."

Thank you for your interest in the webinar titled "Suicide: Asking the Real Questions." We are delighted to inform you that the session was a resounding success. It provided us with invaluable insights into supporting and helping individuals who may be struggling and feeling that suicide is their only option.

During the webinar, we had the privilege of hearing from a remarkable guest speaker who shared her personal experience as a survivor of suicide loss. Her story touched our hearts as she spoke about the unimaginable pain and grief she endured following the loss of her son. She also shared her journey of healing and how she found the strength to cope with such a devastating situation. Her insights deepened our understanding of the complex emotions and challenges faced by those dealing with suicide loss.

The webinar was organized in collaboration with Sri Lanka Sumithrayo, a renowned charity organization in Sri Lanka with a legacy of providing emotional support to those in need for almost five decades. By partnering with the Colombo Taprobane Round Table 3, we were able to create a platform to address the stigmas associated with suicide and shed light on the underlying social issues that contribute to it.

The session was attended by a diverse audience, including individuals who have experienced suicidal thoughts themselves or have known someone going through a difficult time. The webinar offered practical insights on how to provide emotional support and helped equip participants with the tools to make a positive difference in the lives of those in distress.

By coming together and engaging in these vital conversations, we are taking significant steps towards reducing suicide rates in Sri Lanka. We are grateful for the support and participation of individuals like you, who recognize the importance of addressing this pressing issue and working towards a more compassionate and supportive society.

Thank you once again for your interest and support in making the "Suicide: Asking the Real Questions" webinar a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our efforts to raise awareness and provide the necessary support to those in need.

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