11 December, 2020

5000 Calandars donated to Sumithrayo

Sri Lanka Sumithrayo is a well-established and respected charity organization in Sri Lanka. With a rich history spanning nearly five decades, their primary mission is to provide crucial emotional support to individuals in need. Recognizing the importance of fostering a supportive environment and minimizing suicide rates, Sri Lanka Sumithrayo has been at the forefront of providing a safe space for people to share their concerns and seek solace.

Through their dedicated helpline services, trained volunteers offer empathetic listening and non-judgmental support to those grappling with emotional distress, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. These compassionate individuals undergo extensive training to ensure they can provide effective support and guidance.

Over the years, Sri Lanka Sumithrayo has played a vital role in raising awareness about mental health issues and breaking the stigmas associated with seeking help. Their efforts have contributed significantly to creating a more open and understanding society that encourages individuals to reach out and find support during challenging times.

Through various initiatives, including webinars and collaborative partnerships, Sri Lanka Sumithrayo continues to make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals across the country. Their commitment to providing emotional support and reducing suicide rates remains unwavering, making them a trusted and indispensable resource for those in need.

By fostering empathy, understanding, and resilience, Sri Lanka Sumithrayo exemplifies the power of compassion and community support in tackling mental health challenges. Their dedicated work continues to bring hope and healing to countless individuals and families, making a positive difference in the lives of many.

We recently provided Sumithrayo with 5,000 calendars to support their efforts in raising awareness about their suicide prevention hotline.

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